How To Work a Nautical Look

Written By John Richards on Thursday, June 28, 2012 | 5:04 AM

How To Work a Nautical Look
How To Work a Nautical Look

Red white and blue are not just the colors of the American flag, and anchors, stripes, and little boats are not just for sailors. The nautical look is a fun fashion trend to try, and one in which vertical blue and white stripes, red accents, and even anchor patterns take center stage. Get in on this trend with these helpful suggestions.


When one thinks of the nautical look, vertical blue and white stripes are typically the first thing to come to mind. For the full effect, opt for a fitted tank, tee, or sweater that features the ever-popular pattern, and pair it with your favorite pair of navy slacks, dark denim jeans, a navy skirt, or even khaki bottoms. Stripes can be less than slimming, so consider a waist cinching accessory to add definition to the look—extra style points will be awarded if said accessory just so happens to be red. Pair your outfit with flats, heels, or even boat shoes, to create a perfectly fun and casual look.

If it is a more subtle effect that you are looking for, opt for a nautical color scheme, with white on the top and blue on the bottom. Just maximize some of your favorite tops and bottoms to create an entirely new vibe. Add in a few splashes of bold red with your accessories, and you have a chic, seafaring look that can be worn everywhere from a picnic to your office.


Bold red lips, cat eye liner, and clean, flawless skin are the perfect complement to a nautical outfit. The trick is to enhance, not overwhelm, and to showcase your impeccable fashion sense. An artful application of winged black eyeliner, dewy rouged cheeks, and a glossy red pout will pull your whole look together.


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