5 Steps to Take on the Road to Heartbreak Recovery

Written By John Richards on Monday, July 16, 2012 | 10:23 AM

Healing That Broken Heart of Yours
Healing That Broken Heart of Yours

Let's face it. One time or another in our lives, we will be faced with heartbreak and the end of that meaningful or not so meaningful relationship. We will wonder what went wrong or we actually already know what broke the relationship.
Regardless of the situation, it is always nice to know there are few survival guidelines to help us ease the pain and move forward with our lives. Below are five steps to lead you to the road for heartbreak recovery.

1. Reflect:
It is never a bad idea that after the tears have subsided, to reflect on the relationship. To think about the things that went wrong and even review the things that actually worked. Looking back on these things will help you not only grow on an individual level, but will also prepare you for when you are ready for your next relationship. Bringing to the table your experience will help define what you want and don't want from the next relationship.

2. Exercise:
This tip has been favored by all. In the movies, when the woman is dumped, she finds herself exercising, changing her appearance and the next time she sees the person that jilted her, she looks like a million bucks and that person is eating their heart out. The same can be said in real life. Once we get past the idea of being single again, it is time to put on some high energy music, hit the gym and transform that body into the one you desire. In the end, you are doing this for yourself. Feeling good on the inside always makes everything look better on the outside. The extra perk in all this exercising is seeing your ex when they look miserable and you look like you just stepped off the runway.

3. Confide:
Just as it is important to reflect on the relationship. It is also a good thing to confide with the people you trust the most. The people in your life that no matter what, will give you their honest opinion…even if it stings. I always say that when you are in the storm, you can't always see what is going on or even what is coming ahead. As opposed to those looking from the outside looking in. Confide in the people that matter most to you. In the beginning, in the middle and even the end of any relationship. That is what they are there for, to help you see clearly when you might not be able to.

4. Shopping: Okay, okay. This is not only a major cliché but at the same exact time, it is the truth. There is nothing like hitting up your favorite stores and finding those amazing pair of shoes, that awesome outfit, and even switching up your facial products to make one feel better. It is a great adrenaline rush, however, just be careful. While shopping and putting that credit card to the test, don't push yourself into debt. You can't be mending a broken heart AND putting yourself in debt. Shop with caution - but with purpose!

5. Time:
It is the one thing we must allow ourselves to give in to and that is…time. Time to heal and time to process. Before you know it, with this time that you have allowed yourself, your next chapter is and will be around the corner. You will find yourself creating and/or updating your online dating profile, you will be contacting your confidants to set you up with someone amazing and you will also be allowing yourself to have sex with someone new. That is why they say that, "time heals all wounds," because it does. Take all the time you need to mend that broken heart but remember to use your time wisely. We only get one shot at life after all.
With all these steps, guidelines and helpful tips out there to help you deal with the heartbreak, the thing we must always do and remember is to be true to yourself. YOU come first, YOU are responsible for making yourself happy and that great partner in crime in your life that will come along or you have already. Well…that is just icing on the cake! 
Source: Bounceback.com