8 Grooming Tips Every Guy Should Know

Written By John Richards on Thursday, July 12, 2012 | 3:22 AM

8 Grooming Tips Every Guy Should Know

Most men were taught to comb their hair after waking up, wash their hands before eating and brush their teeth after every meal. But in addition to these basic grooming habits are a few more primping imperatives. Make these a part of your daily routine and be the best fresh-smelling, well-moisturized, healthy gentleman you can be.



Clean and Trim Nails

Dirty and unkempt fingernails can give the impression of poor hygiene. Trim all your nails to the same length and clean underneath them to remove dirt. If the skin around your fingernails is dry or peeling, moisturize it with a few drops of olive oil, then rinse after 10 minutes.

Wash Face Daily

Nearly every beauty magazine she reads tells a woman to wash her face daily, but men should also follow this advice. Use a gentle facial cleanser at the end of each day to remove the dirt, dust and oil that can accumulate on your face.

Groom Unwanted Facial Hair

Humans are naturally hairy creatures, but that doesn't mean you have to be beastly: Don't neglect your nose hair. Trim it at least once a week to prevent the hairs from protruding from your nostrils. Use the nose hair trimmer to remove excess hair in and around your ears as well.

Floss Daily

Your dentist recommends daily flossing for good reason. Flossing removes plaque and any remaining food particles from between your teeth, leaving you less vulnerable to cavities and gum disease. Floss at least once per day and follow up with a mouthwash.

Wear Lip Balm

Even if your lips feel moisturized, it's wise to apply a thin coat of lip balm before you head out the door. Women typically wear lipstick, gloss or balm, making them three times less likely than men to get lip cancer, says the American Cancer Society's Vilma Cokkinides in the "Men's Health" article "The 50 Best Grooming Tips + Products for Men." Change your odds for the better by wearing lip balm. Reapply it every two hours when you're in the sun.

Use Shaving Cream

Not only does shaving cream show which areas have already been shaved, but it also serves as a lubricant and moisturizer for your face. Apply a thick coat to an already wet face before shaving. You'll have fewer cuts and reduce the potential for painful razor burn. Use an aftershave or moisturizer following your shave for even smoother skin.

Condition Hair

In addition to shampooing your hair at least every other day, don't forget to condition. While shampoo washes away dirt, environmental contaminants and product buildup, conditioner supplies the hair with moisture, making it look and feel healthier. If your hair is especially dry or brittle, use a leave-in deep conditioner at least once a week.

Wear Sunscreen

Apply a coat of sunscreen to your face and any other areas of skin that are exposed to the sun. This will prevent the sun's harmful rays from damaging your skin and will lower your chances of skin cancer. Protect your eyes from UV rays, too, by wearing sunglasses.