Some of the Best Relationship Advice Ever

Written By John Richards on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 | 4:30 AM

Don't forget to appreciate the little things. Like, his hugs.
Don't forget to appreciate the little things. Like, his hugs.
Lately, we've heard a lot of celebs offer up their relationship advice. Some is great; others are...not so much. Curious to know the best tips you've ever heard, we asked you to spill. We're taking some serious notes-this advice is ridiculously good.

"Be independent before entering a relationship. It's better when two people want each other more than they need each other." -Katrina W.

"Don't punish your boyfriend for your ex's mistakes." -Anita M.

"Trust until you're given a reason otherwise." -Lacy W.

"There should be no secrets between us." -Yukari T.

"If you don't love him like crazy, you don't love him enough."  -Christelle F. 

These relationship tips are worth listening to.
These relationship tips are worth listening to

"Don't listen to other people's comments. Make your own relationship rules." -Tara-Lynn B.

"If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they are yours forever. If they don't, they were never yours to begin with." -Ashley H.

"Appreciate the little things." -Dawn-Marie D.

"Talk to each other about problems-not friends and family." -Alicia J.

"Life is so much better when you show each other how much you care." -Jessica J.

"Admit when you're wrong and don't gloat when you're right." -Carole S.

"Never chase. Always be chased. if he isn't willing to pursue you, he isn't worth your time." -Dez M.

"Jealousy is a waste of time and energy." -Codi T.

"Differences are inevitable, so compromise and respect are key." -Danica T.

"Everyone has a past-good or bad. Don't let your partner's past ruin your future." -Camz G.

"Always look and smell better than your man." -Rose M.

"Solve problems as soon as possible…together." -Mala K.

"Always remember to talk to him like he's someone you love-even when you're angry at him." -Ginny M.