10 Worst Parenting Lies

Written By John Richards on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | 12:29 AM

If you think about it, we lie quite a bit as parents. The tooth fairy, Santa Claus, the fact that TV will turn their brains to mush ... The list goes on and on. But as parents, we are also lied to quite a bit. I asked my friends for some of the worst parenting lies they've been told, and I've heard many of the same. The following are the most common lies we fell for -- did you hear them, too? 
1. That parenting comes naturally. Loving? That comes naturally. The rest is hard work. 

2. That you can't get pregnant while breastfeeding. I have many a friend who can prove that one wrong. 

3. That baby weight falls off. In our dreams! 

4. That boys are easier than girls. Sorry, but they're all impossible. 

5. That a c-section is the easy way to have a baby. In what world is major surgery considered easy? 

6. The twos are the most terrible. Have these people never met the threes or fours?

7. That adjusting from one to two kids was tough, but anything after is a breeze. Bullshit. One to two was a piece of cake for me and three kicks my ass daily. 

8. That you forget the details of labor once you hold the baby. That's one thing I'll never forget, much as I try. 

9. Two kids aren't more expensive than one. Um, care to see my credit card bill? 

10. That it gets easier. It's never as easy as it was when your baby wanted nothing but to be fed and cleaned. Period. 

Image via Scary Mommy

Written by Jill Smokler on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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