6 Common Fashion Myths...Debunked!

Written By John Richards on Saturday, August 11, 2012 | 1:28 PM

6 Common Fashion Myths...Debunked!Have you ever wondered if fashion rules even exist anymore? In the 21st century, fashion trends have taken risks, broken barriers, and dissolved myths of years past. Galtime has debunked 6 of fashion’s most common myths with the help of Glambassador & Lifestyle blogger Christina L. Pollack.

MYTH: You can never pair black and navy blue

TRUTH: Black and navy blue don't traditionally work well together because they are so similar in color. The key is to wear shades that differ enough so the pairing looks intentional...and people don't think that you got dressed in the dark! Black and navy blue can also look stunning through the use of a print/pattern. Here is an example of black and blue office attire. 

MYTH: You can't wear gold and silver jewelry together

TRUTH: A big trend in jewelry this season is mixed metals. When paired in an intentional manner, the look is very chic and glamorous, as it combines both the coolness of silver and the glamour of gold. Here's an example of an outfit featuring a striking animal print dress and mixed-metal jewelry.

MYTH: Horizontal stripes will widen you

TRUTH: It's not so much the pattern that widens you; it's the shape of the garment. By selecting a flattering silhouette. such as a peplum top or a dress with a belted waistline, a horizontally striped outfit can look good on anyone. Try something like this...

MYTH: You should never mix and match prints

TRUTH: When mixing and matching prints, try pairing a smaller, more subtle 
pattern (such as a pinstripe pant) with bolder print (like an abstract floral top). The key to this look is to choose an overall color scheme that coordinates well. For exampel, if your theme is bright blue and lime green, each pattern in the ensemble should pick-up those colors. 

MYTH: Never wear more than one bold color at a time

TRUTH: Color blocking is a major trend right now! Contrasting colors such as mint and coral look fresh and fun when paired together. 

MYTH: Never wear white after Labor Day

TRUTH: White (or any variation of it) can be worn year-round, whether it’s used solely as an accent piece (like jewelry or a handbag) or as the anchor of your outfit (like a winter white cashmere dress). Just remember to choose appropriate fabrics. Look for cotton during warm weather months, and wear wool and cashmere when it gets chilly. 
During the winter, offset the shade with darker colors, such as black or navy, and glam things up with some bold jewelry. 

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