Top 7 Home-Based Businesses You Can Opt For

Written By John Richards on Friday, August 31, 2012 | 12:48 AM

Family oriented women usually opt to start a business at home that allows them to earn money and stay near their family all the time. There are various options you can think of when considering to start your home-based business without a huge investment amount and lots of space. The following are the top seven options that you must consider:

If creativity is your plus, then opt for this easy-to-run home business. Whether you are into jewelry crafting, pottery or home d├ęcor, you can start your small business from home and market it online through etsy.com or other social media websites. All you have to do is create an interesting stock of items and take proper pictures to post them on your online page. Do not forget to mention the price of the products to help customers pick items. Offer them good delivery service and your home-based business will flourish in no time.

This is a very successful and common business many people are earning from. People running home-based blogging are able to make good money by writing regular columns, articles and posts. You can start with your own blog from any blogging website. You can select an interesting niche for yourself and start updating tips, insights and news about it. You can even opt for a ‘pay-per-click’ account that will enable you to earn more money depending on the number of visitors.

Customer Assistance
People can even join companies that outsource their customer assistance service phone calls to employees working from home. You can talk to customers to help them with the details of the products of any other query they have. However, you should be properly trained to do this job.

Set up a bookkeeping business and help individuals and other companies with the math and accounts of their businesses. All you need is a computer and relevant accounting software. Do not forget to market your business if you want to keep it going.

Share your knowledge and expertise and make money by tutoring students at home. You can even choose to tutor them at their place if it is feasible for you. Contact local schools and community groups to help children with their academics. You can even offer your services online or look for online communities that can help you find a good tuition.

If you have grip over an additional language, use it to make money at home. There are various jobs available for freelance translators. Many companies require documents and paperwork translated into different languages. However, you must clear a punctuation and grammar test to become a freelance translator.

EBay Store
If you are fond of hunting for exciting deals at consignment auctions and shops, launch your own eBay store. Play around with the deals you come across and sell them to online buyers in order to make money. You can put up the items as an inventory, at a fixed price or in an auction. Online buyers will buy items from you accordingly.
Focus on your area of interest and start making money today!

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