Why Do You Want to Be Rich?

Written By John Richards on Thursday, August 23, 2012 | 8:24 AM

How Would You Spend $2 Million Bucks? 

While money can't solve every problem in the universe, it's hard to argue that having more of it wouldn't help, right? Who wouldn't want to be wealthy? Of course everyone's definition of being RICH varies. But we're guessing most people would say if they didn't have to worry about money, their lives would be a whole lot easier!
So, Fab & Fru wants to know: if someone gave you $2 million bucks tomorrow, what would you do with all the money? But before you answer that, first ask yourself the following questions… 

Defining Financial Freedom
What does financial freedom mean to you? Buying a new car or taking a luxurious trip to Tahiti? Paying off your mortgage and other debts? Having the means to help out your family and others in need? Having enough to invest in building your fortune and your financial future? It may be one of these answers, none of them, or all of the above. But deciding what financial freedom means to you is not only a motivational factor, you may just learn what you value most in life! 

Living in a Material World 

No one likes to admit that they're materialistic, but most of us are - even if just a little… We live in a consumer culture, and we are raised to want and always want more. And while some of us are more content than others with what we do have, we all have that wish list of STUFF we'd like to buy if we had the cash.
Are you the practical type who would save most of the money and just spend a little? Would you blow the whole wad at once? Or are you so frugal that you would save every dime to ensure your financial security later? 

Can't Buy Me Love

Okay, so now that you're rich, are you happy? Are you personally fulfilled? Are you content with your work and your relationships? Do you have your health? Money can't really buy us any of these things…or can it? Do you think money can help us to find true happiness and contentment? If so, how?

What Would You Do with $2 Million Bucks? 

So, back to the original question… You just won $2 million. Tell us what you'd do with your winnings, and why you think it would make your life easier and happier. We want to hear your $2 million game plan!

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