5 New Cocktails Trends

Written By John Richards on Monday, October 1, 2012 | 11:43 PM

New Orleans is kind of famous when it comes to humble people and soothing food. The yearly cocktail convention is one of the prime reasons why you should visit this city. From its inception in 2002, this mixed drink celebration has offered a platform for the best spirit brands and bartenders to gather around people pouring in from all over the world.
The convention is mostly attended by cocktail lovers who simply can't resist being enchanted with new drinks oozing with flavor and refreshment. Along with having a good time, the cocktail society is endowed with knowledge about the recent developments happening in the mixed drink business.
Following are the top contemporary drinks presented in the convention this year.
Shrub infused Cobblers - Shrubs aren't limited to gardens or baking items anymore. Used for medicinal purposes since the eighteenth century, these plants are now being used in popular drinks like the cobbler and served as refreshments for people seeking some relief at the end of a tiresome day.
The cobbler originally consisted of a very small quantity of sugar mixed with sherry. Shaken with ice first, the mixture was served with a glass full of ice and berries. The cobbler was then consumed with the help of a straw. Today, cobblers are made from tonic water and vinegar along with a number of different kinds of shrubs.

Spirits and Barrel-Aging - A small number of months before discharge, spirits that have been aged in bourbon barrels for many years are moved to casks of vine or sherry. This process allows the spirits to obtain additional layers of taste.
Over time, cocktails like the Manhattan or the Negroni have been aged to perfection with the use of barrels and other spirits including gin or vodka.

Micro Distilleries - For considerable amount of time, multinational producers of spirits have maintained a sort of consistency over volume and taste. But this strict adherence to regularity has been challenged by new micro distilleries emerging in the market of drinks. These distilleries are less likely to suffer from huge losses and so they're not afraid to experiment with spirits.
Many micro distilleries have come up with drinks that provide a uniqueness of flavor along with newfound excitement. If you're looking for a perfectly brewed gin then you've got to visit micro distilleries like the 'Cataddy Moonshine' based in North Carolina or the 'Death's Door Distillery' based in Wisconsin.

Rum - Used in savory dishes, this particular spirit is becoming increasingly popular in the world of cocktails. The Hemingway Daiquiri finished with colorless rum seems to be a classic favorite among cocktail drinkers while the 'Ron Zacapa Centenario' and 'El Dorado' from Guatemala and Guyana also tend to be two of their favorite contemporaries.

Unfinished Whiskey - An increasing demand of distilled goods has led to the upcoming of unfinished whiskey. Less and less time is being allotted to the aging process and corn spirit is bottled in its original form without being properly aged in oak barrels. This drink may be economical, but it lacks the texture and flavors that only aging can bring.
One of the few good unfinished spirits used in making cocktails includes the 'Hudson Whiskey New York Corn' which gives a bright zest and fruity flavor to the drink. 

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