4 Reasons To Be Grateful For Being Single

Written By John Richards on Friday, November 23, 2012 | 12:16 PM

In today's society it seems that if you aren't in a long term relationship you are in a bad place.

In today's society it seems that if you aren't in a committed, long term relationship you are in a bad place emotionally and in the happiness area of your life. While being part of a "couple" is a wonderful thing, so is being single. Finding time over the Thanksgiving season to reflect on all you have to be grateful for as a single helps you to get a real perspective on life.
One of the first things to keep in mind is that being a single is not a default form of living when a relationship fails. There are lots of very happy, very successful, outgoing and emotionally grounded people that choose to stay single over various parts of their life. Being single is one of the only ways to truly get to know yourself and all the wonderful gifts you have to share with others.
The following are four gifts that being single provides. By reflecting on these and being grateful for the chance to really build on these factors you will find that you are even more prepared to find that right someone and to have a successful and happy relationship.
Reason 1:Learn About Your Interests
When you are in a relationship your energy is spent trying to learn all about what your partner likes, enjoys and finds interesting. This often doesn't leave a lot of time for you to learn about where your interests and hidden talents reside.

Reason 2: Time Is Your Own
How many times in a relationship did you find that you never had time for you? Well, as a single, you can be grateful for the time that you can spend doing what you want to do even if it is just sitting around in your pyjamas and watching a favorite movie.

Reason 3: Spending Time With Friends And Family
Be grateful for the ability that you have as a single to choose who you spend your time with. There is no loyalty issue of what family to spend Thanksgiving dinner with or who's friends to meet after work for a drink. You have the ability to make those decisions based just on what you want to do.

Reason 4: Creating The Perfect Partner In Your Mind
When you are single you have the opportunity to reflect on the traits and characteristics you want in that perfect partner. By having a list of criteria you are better able to evaluate people that you meet in the future. Thinking positively on this personality type also gives you the opportunity to meet people that match your criteria. Being grateful for those in your life that have these traits helps to provide both focus and a deeper understanding of why these traits are on your list.


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