How to Develop Your Intuition

Written By John Richards on Monday, December 3, 2012 | 2:18 PM

What is intuition?

By Sasha Brisk

Our intuition is a natural gift, one that we are all born with and use on a daily basis to make decisions (without even realizing we are using that skill). It is the ability to get a sense, vision or feeling about someone or something. Intuition communicates with us through symbols, feelings, and emotions. It usually does not speak to us in a clear language. When we are young, we have a higher intuitive ability, one that is heightened at its peak, and is sensitive. 

Intuition is simply described by most of us as a ‘vibe’ or ‘gut instinct’.
It is the initial response our body provides us when we meet someone for the first time. When we are most sensitive to using our intuition we don’t even have to speak our answer—we just feel it and the other person just knows our decision based on our body language. If we are uncomfortable about the situation we are in, we tense up, squint a little, and even look to the corner of our eyes, trying to decide.

Do you listen to your emotional language or tune it out?

Our emotional language is the language of the soul, and it shows all over our body (and  others can easily read this). Sometimes we experience a sick feeling in the stomach. Then, as this happens, we ask ourselves What if? We then tend to wrestle with the answer. Some of us make tiny mistakes when making the final decision with our thoughts (derived in our minds)—this happens without us even realizing it.

When this happens, a feeling of uncertainty grows and we no longer act on intuition—we act on the thoughts we project in our minds. We act on what we think will make us happy, make others happy, and satisfy our ego (which is not who we are). When we act on ego, it can come down to the fear of not doing something or feeling something because we fret making the wrong decision and making our friends unhappy or disappointed. Is this who we are and who we want to become? Why should we live our lives making decisions to keep our friends happy when, perhaps, our intuition is trying to provide us with a solution: to listen to ourselves and our spirit and do what’s best for our self. When we feel an initial vibe about something and it is positive, without a doubt we know it can be acted upon. We sense a feeling of happiness, of strength, of growth, and of positivity.

Our friends may not consider themselves to be particularly spiritual or metaphysically adept, yet they may be quite good at following their gut instincts. What goes on in front of the veil (in the conscious mind) is mostly about survival and procreation and not much else. 

We all have intuition. We are born with it and we use it as children because we do not know any better. We rely on our instinct or gut. But as we grow older and our rational and reasonable mind develops, we lose touch with our intuition. We ignore it, cast it aside, and forget about it. 

Can you sharpen your intuitive skills?

But like an out-of-shape muscle, intuition can be strengthened and exercised back into shape. The easiest method is attention. By focusing on an object, relaxing, and taking deep breaths, we can retrain our minds to let our intuition surface. When we concentrate on a single object, once a day, every day, and block out our rational mind, we begin the journey to get back in touch with our intuition. First of all, get comfortable, sit down, relax, and take three to four deep, cleansing breaths. Look at an object in the room, focus, concentrate, block everything else out. Do this for at least three to five minutes.

ave you noticed that after you have practiced being more in tune with your inner spirit, every person we speak to wants to know more about our experience? Intuition is what we use to find the purpose of our life and our place in the world.

Once we awaken our inner guide by unlocking the wisdom of our subconscious mind, we already know what to do. Being objective is harder when we are emotionally involved. It is more mature to admit our emotions as a factor rather than denying them. We can use our intuition as an advantage to overcome a situation we are struggling with. Some of us feel that what has happened in the past stays with us forever. Most of the time, however, it is our mind that is holding on to these memories or thoughts that we just need to let go of. We need to stop living in the past and embrace the present. By living in the present moment, our minds are clearer and focused only on the now and what is next on our list of obstacles to overcome. Tuning in to our intuition is an effective way to feel our way through challenging obstacles.
Believe in what you feel, this is the secret.
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