Relive Precious Photo Memories While Making New Ones this Holiday Season

Written By John Richards on Thursday, December 27, 2012 | 11:57 AM

I don’t know about you, but our calendar filled up quickly this month with family events and gatherings with friends who are back in town. This holiday season has us exchanging stories and memories of years past; all while making new memories for the future. I’ve found that photos have a unique way of connecting the past to the present with their unspoken ability to narrate special memories – a big reason why I’d be devastated if I lost my photos!
Check out the following tips to ensure your treasured photos are preserved for many years to come.
  • Savor the past  We’ve all sifted through boxes of photos that have survived the passing of several hands and houses. While there’s something special about the feel and smell of old photographs, they’re unfortunately susceptible to external forces. Once they’re ruined or lost, there’s no getting them back. To mitigate this risk, I suggest spending a quiet afternoon going through old photos, deciding which one’s you would never want to lose, and scanning a digital copy using a Photo Scanner. No, the feel and smell won’t carry over, but you’ll rest easy knowing that your favorite old photos are preserved in the event that the originals are lost.
  • Enjoy the present – I’ve found that effective storytelling, like describing my sons’ birthday parties or our 4th of July barbeque, is best done through photos. They help to quickly catch someone up on life activities – sometimes even narrating the stories themselves! To ensure I have all of my photos organized and ready to share at a moment’s notice, I use a free app called Woven. Woven collects all of your photos from online sources like Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr, as well as your camera roll and iPhoto right onto your mobile device.
  • Preserve the future – Sometimes it’s nice to get away from gadgets and spend some family time exercising the left side of our brains. I love seeing my boys get creative with crafts, and this time of year leaves no creative stone unturned. A perfect craft for heading into the New Year is the time capsule; it’s the best way to cherish the present and guarantee fun in the future. Gather an old shoe box and fill it with plenty of photos of the kids, family and pets, as well as mementos like that 1stPlace soccer ribbon and class project. Decorate the outside of the box, seal it tight, set an unveiling date, and think of all the memories that will flood back when the lid comes off!
Salute years past and toast to 2013 when you’re gathering with friends and family this holiday season. Remember to use photos to help relive precious memories while making new ones to cherish for years to come!
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